B. Com(Business Analytics)

Program Overview

Established in the Year – 2020

Career Opportunities

  • Investment Banker.
  • Insurance SectorBankingSector
  • StockMarketoperationPortfolio ManagerEXIM Bank
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Qualitative Analyst
  • Technical Leader

Programme USPs

  • Well Qualified and Experienced Faculty team with rich experience in Research area.
  • Experiential Learning.
  • Course Curriculum Designed as per the Industrial Needs.
  • Placement in highly creditable and reputed firm sand Institutions.
  • Equip the students with Practical Knowledge and Training.
  • Inter-andIntra-departmental activities for enhancing the knowledge.
  • Pursue Excellence in the Area of Research.

Programme Outcomes

  • Hands-on learning of leading analytical tools.
  • To acquire theoretical knowledge of data science tools, also gain exposure to business perspectives.
  • The Career opportunities after completion of B.Com (BA) degree are Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Operations Research Analyst and Market research Analyst
  • Learning trending programming language for career advancements

Programme Duration


Programme Type

Under Graduation

Eligibility Criteria

A Passin Higher Secondary Examination

Programme Structure


  • Language –Tamil I/ Malayalam I/ Hindi I/ French I/ Arabic I
  • English –Communicative English I
  • Core I – Financial Accounting
  • Core II – Fundamentals of Business Analytics
  • Core III-  Computer Applications Practical – I – Analysis with Excel
  • Allied I – Quantitative Techniques I- Mathematics
  • Professional English
  • Value Education (VE): Ethics & Culture


  • Language –  Tamil II/ Malayalam II / Hindi II / French II / Arabic II
  • English – Communicative English II
  • Core IV- Cost and Management Accounting
  • Core V –  C++
  • Core VI – Computer Application
  • Practical II – C++
  • Allied II – Quantitative Techniques II- Statistics
  • Professional English
  • Environmental studies(ES)
  • Modular-Module 1-Course I -Introduction to Business


  • Core VII – Business Data Mining
  • Core VIII – Database Programming
  • Core  IX- Computer Applications Practical III – Database Programming
  • Allied III-  Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Elective I
  • Skill Based Course(SBC) I – Technological Analytics – Java and Linux Fundamentals
  • Non-Major Elective(NME)– I : Basic Tamil/ Women’s Rights/Advanced Tamil/ Basic Hindi/ Basic Malayalam.
  • Modular-Module 1-course II- Business as a career


  • Core X – R Programming
  • Core XI –  Computer Application Practical IV – Analysis with SPSS & R
  • Allied IV –  Managerial Economics
  • Elective II
  • Skill Based Course (SBC) II- 
  • PRACTICAL I -Technological  Analytics – Java and Linux Fundamentals
  • Non-Major Elective(NME) –II : Basic Tamil/ General Awareness Advanced Tamil/ Basic Hindi/ Basic Malayalam.
  • Modular-Module 2-course I- Trade and Service Activities


  • Core XII–  Python
  • Core XIII – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Core XIV –  Business Intelligence
  • Core XV -Computer Applications – Practical V-  Python
  • Elective – III
  • Skill Based Course (SBC)  III- SAS & SCILAB
  • Extra Disciplinary Course (Compulsory)
  • Modular-Module 2-course II – Office Procedures and Practices


  • Core XVI– Taxation
  • Core XVII –  Hadoop
  • Core XVIII –  Computer Applications Practicals VI – Hadoop
  • Core XIX  – Project Work-Viva & Voce
  • Elective  -IV
  • Skill Based Course (SBC) IV- Practical II – SAS SCILAB
  • Extension Activities-NCC/NSS/SPORTS/DEA
  • Modular-Module 2-Course III -Financing of Business 

Credits & Evaluation

The Elective courses are offered to the UG and PG students on Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) pattern.

Modular Course:
  • UG:Certificate Course in Business Studies
  • PG:Advanced Certificate in Business Studies
Intra Disciplinary Course(IDC)

Inter Disciplinary Course-Financial Psychology

Extra Disciplinary Course(EDC):

The department offers EDC to other disciplines:

  • UG–E-Banking
  • PG–Global Business and Finance
Value Added Programme:
  • Tally ERP9.
  • Advanced Excel
Certificate Programme:

The Department offers a Certificate programme to the students of other disciplines.

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
Assessment and Evaluation:

The students are assessed and evaluated based on Assignments, Group Discussions, Seminars, Continuous Internal Assessments, Model Examination, End Semester Examination, Practical and project viva voce examinations.

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