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Psychology is simply studying and understanding  about human behaviours  , indepth exploration on  the reason behind human behaviour and mental processes , how it influence or affects ourself , family dynamics , and society . Department of psychology in CMS college of Science and Commerce is a uniquely designed, undergraduate degree program to foster student’s knowledge of psychological theory, research and practice through a wide variety of course work and field work.

The degree programme provides the students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of behavior and experiences from a variety of theoretical perspectives in this specific setting and cultural contexts. . The department of psychology conducts a range of distinctive initiatives and outreach activities that promotes change and development in the personal and professional temperament of the students. The students are taught the subject of consumer behaviour , social psychology , positive psychology , stress management , learning disabilities , abnormal psychology , industrial psychology , counselling psychology , among other subjects .

The Department of Psychology was established in the year of 2019. The department was set up to develop an awareness of the importance of studying human behaviour and the social relevance of psychology. The Department offers B.Sc. Psychology which is of six semesters and the curriculum is so designed as to provide strong theoretical, methodological and contemporary knowledge of various areas of Psychology to the students. Time to time extended lectures from experts in relevant field is also conducted.

Methodology of Teaching / Teaching Process

  • Teacher centeredinstruction classroom teaching method
  • Practical oriented classes
  • Real world based education
  • Case analysis method

All Programmes

Key Features

To facilitate experiential learning, students are taken on field trips to

  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Industries
  • Counselling centres
  • Juvenile home
  • Marketing field
  • Learning disabilities centres
  • Based on competitive exams (NET , GATE , university exam )syllabus is framed .
  • Modular – special education




Asst. Professor

Asst. Professor

Asst. Professor


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